TinyBox Academy facilitates cultures of innovation, professional development, and corporate transformation.

We provide tools and systems for technology-driven use cases, tools  that form the basis of innovation-driven growth and help you ensure your successful future.

In four simple steps, we explain future technologies, ideation excellence, productivity
hacks, and corporate politics so that you can go and change the world.


Understand: Define the Question

Gain a deeper understanding of technology and the principles of transformation. We have created ideation tools and highly relevant micro-learning videos to help leaders understand the most important technologies and trends.

Tech Explainer videos help you create a common language.

The book Don’t Be a Robot lays the foundation for your knowledge.

The Innovator’s Journal enhances your ideation process and allows you to collect all your ideas in one place.

Interactive Keynotes live or virtual, educate and inspire organizational transformation


Question: Define the need

Deepen the ideation process, and explore and apply these new technologies in a meaningful way. Where do they facilitate and expand skills? Do they satisfy a need? Is there a case? We help leaders to enhance commitment and accountability, and provide tools to enable transformation.

Transformation Days allow colleagues to challenge one another, expand ideas, and increase understanding.

Insights Sessions enable you to define cases.

Virtual support through AI powered video micro learning, virtual briefings and 24/7 expert support 


Internalize: Build the Case

Internalize and apply learnings to current business cases. What does it mean to build a case? Can it be actionable? Can it gain buy-in? We equip leaders with tools and techniques to convince others, inspire change, empower teams, and to make their case by creating large-scale buy-in from stakeholders.

Small team Executive Briefings give access to the experts to ensure success as you build your business case.

Company-wide Webinars provide interactive Q&A sessions to address concerns and challenges.

Executive Coaching provides one on one coaching to take your AI business strategy to the next level


Empower: Lead transformation

Launch an internal Ambassadors Program to ensure sustainable transformation is achieved. We provide virtual coaching to ensure leaders have consistent and reliable guidance to address ongoing challenges and instigate change.

Our Global Innovator Hubs and Masterclasses take you to innovation hubs around the globe, from our favourite innovators in the Bay Area revealing their business models and cultures, to China, where AI is advancing at an exponential rate.

AI Masterclass China allow full immersion to become an AI insider in just 4 weeks. 

Our Micro Learning platform is updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise in innovation is always at your fingertips.



“Christoph’s workshop has completely changed the way I think. His innovative and exceptionally creative way of approaching existing problems makes him an extraordinarily talented trainer. An experience with long term effects.”

Fabio Olivotti, BMW Group


“Christoph mesmerized a highly diverse audience who lost all track of time. Innovation Psychology (which I had never heard of) provides incredible potential to understanding innovation in a new and powerful way…”

Brian Jones, Market Development
Manager, INTEL


“Christoph is very passionate about his topic and an expert in creativity and innovation. For us he adds a substantial building block to the development of our innovation management within the organization and beyond.”

Marcus Schnabel, Deutsche
Lufthansa AG