Get to know all there is to know about coffee. In 2 hours we taste different coffees and talk about diversity in teams. Roasting a coffee on an open fire to show that building is an essential tool of innovators and not just thinking. And a lot more …

Coffee and Ideation
with Steven Mc Auley

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  • We’ve found a helper to help us explain new, complex technologies and trends so everyone can understand.
  • Everyone knows this helper and almost everyone loves him.
  • He smells good, gives us peace and at the same time he activates us.
  • Together with our partner, the Münchner Kaffeerösterei, we will explain the latest technologies and trends in an innovative format.
  • We build everything in an aromatic, easy to understand frame and use all the senses.
  • The Innovator’s Coffee Tour is a enjoyment festival with short lectures on innovation, diversity, artificial intelligence and social interactions in organizations.
  • With the help of coffee, we open windows in your heads to be able to go into the future in an understandable and courageous way.
  • In 2 hours we taste different coffees and talk about diversity in teams.
  • Roasting a coffee on an open fire to show that building is an essential tool of innovators and not just thinking.
  • And a lot more …

You learn something about:

– Innovation & Diversity

– Collaborattion

– Focus & Productivity

– Future Trends

and really good coffee

„Steven spricht nicht einfach nur über Mindset, entrepreneurship oderinnovation. Mitseiner Art zu denken, hat er uns alle inspiriert und seine Workshops haben dazugeführt, dass unser Unternehmen die Marge signifikant erhöhen konnte. Einabsolutüberzeugender Workshop mit spürbarem nachhaltigem Ergebnis für das ganzeUnternehmen – so muss es sein.“

Xaver Zeller; Niederlassungsleiter

End of 2012. Dominican Republic. Steven is on vacation – taking a time out from his job at a major French finance company.

11 days, 4 books, some walks by the sea with his lovely girlfriend and a visit at a local coffee plantation later, he lands as an coffee roaster in Germany. What had happened?

“Rolf Dobelli, Tim Ferris and Andreas Eschbach have changed my life decisively just by
their words.” At the age of 22, Steven becomes self-employed and builds a successful coffee company as a part of the management team.

“It was a very hard time”. How do you know how to build a company at a young age? How do you lead employees who are 30 years older? How to be taken seriously with

international clients like Volkswagen or Continental? How to sleep at night without a fixed salary to rely upon?

No money, no time, no sleep – he had imagined his life as an entrepreneur differently. “Some members of the founding team slept on coffee bags for several nights because we had to finish orders” Steven explains.

Steven Mc Auley is a strategy consultant, company founder and obsessed in coffee. Steven expressed his desire to become an entrepreneur at a young age. After deciding to build a coffee company together with his best friend at the age of 22, he started studying business psychology in Munich.

Nowadays, he supports organizations worldwide in the implementation of innovative
corporate cultures by explaining future technologies and corporate politics in a tangible and impactful way.
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