Executive Briefings allow for deep insights, generating discussion around a specific trend or technology. All briefings are performed virtually and contain around 10 case studies. After 20-30 minutes of briefing questions, and a discussion of application and implementation strategy, your leadership team will be up to date and ready to transform. (30-60 minutes virtual meeting)
Transformation and the Future of Work
with Christoph Burkhardt

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How the interaction between emerging technologies and lifestyle transformation drive the massive changes we will experience in the way we work

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence in all areas of business we will see many tasks getting replaced by robotic automation. How exactly the future of work will look like for you and your industry will be explored deeply in this briefing which ends with the question how you want to make use of the incredible opportunities these new forms of work will empower.

Automation, Smart Office, Remote Work, Results Only Work Environment, Gig Economy, Platforms, Boundary Spanning

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